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Here at Movie signs we have been creating, designing and installing signs in our local area for many years now, and we have decided to now expand and cover the Preston area; so, if you own a business in Preston and are looking for experienced sign makers, look no further than Movie Signs. We have a specialist sign design team who have a great deal of experience and knowledge to turn your vision into a reality.

Many of our clients come to us with a number of ideas for the signs they would like to create for either their business or for personal reasons. At Movie Signs, we help guide them through our reliable design process that ensures all requirements are met with extreme attention to detail before the final design is executed.

In order to achieve the highest level of standards, detail and to also manage any changes which are needed when requested, our design team ensure consistent quality throughout the entire process and are more than able to provide any technical advice you may require.

If you require our experience and guidance, or your vision is clear and you are confident that you know what you are looking for, our sign design team are available to help you in any situation that you require.


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Do you currently operate a business in the Preston area or are you thinking of starting one up? A key aspect to keep in consideration is how you plan to use signage. A great way to stand out compared to the competition is to have a unique, creative, and attractive sign. Customers, are more likely to talk about your company when you have signage which stands out from the rest.

Neon Signs

Neon signs have been an extremely popular method to promote businesses for many years now. In the Preston area, neon signs can illuminate nightlife and can also be very good to attract new customers to your business. They are affordable and a great way to get to stand out from the crowd. Neon signs can be used to do different things such as: directing people to a certain location, event banners, promoting products and much more.

Health & Safety Signs

One of the largest hurdles in ensuring an exceptional health and safety practice is the communication of information. It is a necessity to ensure everyone who is on site understands what risks there is and how they should be dealt with; Which is why you need accurate and clear signage in the workplace. Health and Safety signs can be one of the main focus points for references and contact information for staff.
3D Graphics

3D Graphics

3D letters can be created in a different variety of ways, they can either be crafted in metal or acrylic. If you are looking for a professional look, then 3D letters can be the right marketing direction that you would want your business to pursue. 3D letters are also known as channel letters because of the channel created when the letters face and return are secured together, our 3D letters can be illuminated with LED lights from our extensive sign designs.


A-boards are a great and efficient way to advertise your business with minimal cost to you. They can be displayed in and outside the business, down the road from the business and many other places. With A-boards you can change what you advertise with ease. So if you would like to promote specific offers that are only valid for a certain amount of time A-boards would be a great an efficient way of advertising the business promotion.

Sign Makers Preston - Quality at Affordable Pricing

Make a lasting impression with our high-quality custom made signs - there are many signs and graphics we can design and produce for you or your business:

• Shop, store and business fascias

• Acrylic shop signs

• Metal signs

• 3D lettering

• Neon light signs

• LED lit signs

• Display banners

• A boards

• Shop livery

• Vehicle & window graphics

And much more. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, get in touch with us here at Movie Signs to discuss the design and creation, or visit us in store for a discussion about what you require. Give us a call today on 01253 204 231.

Movie Signs’ services are perfect for:

Shops and storefronts

Full range of shops and fascia production for a full brand identity.

Pubs, bars, café, bistros and restaurants

High quality custom made acrylic and metal signs for a perfect touch.

Casinos, arcades and amusements

Neon and LED light signs to catch customer’s eyes and draw them inside.

Leisure and health complexes

Add professional style and increase awareness within your business.

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