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Blackpool Van Signs and Car Wrapping.

We are here to offer our services. We create vehicle graphics for any vehicle, company or personal. Movie Signs can give your company vehicles a brand new look all at an affordable cost. A major benefit of vehicle graphics is that you are always promoting your company on the road wherever you go.

Most companies like to go down the avenue of vehicle graphics as it's one of the most affordable ways to advertise. If you ever consider the option of getting your vehicle lettered.

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is a leading, cost effective type of marketing used to express any information needed on your work van or personal van. With prices starting from £50, Vehicle Graphics could never be more worth it. Vehicle lettering is an affordable promotional tool that will literally broadcast the information you want day in day out. Like all our examples of our work actually carried out, vehicle lettering is a cheap and easy way to turn your car or van into a mobile billboard. Studies show a typical company van or car on the road making day to day deliveries result in over 15 million visuals on a yearly basis, if 15 million plus people are seeing your vehicle expressing your information, how many of that 8-digit number are going to be interested in the service or business you’re advertising? With prices coming as cheap as they are at the moment, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t take your business to the next step.

Blackpool Van Signs

As sign makers in Blackpool, we are aware of the competitive business scene. Everyone wants to have the most successful company, with vehicle graphics being a leading marketing type at a cheap price, we know that with our established skills and know-how, getting graphics on your vehicle will automatically turn your car into a mobile billboard, which will turn heads when you are driving just like you usually would. Another benefit of vehicle graphics is the professional look you achieve by having your company vehicle wrapped. Our established designers can and always achieve the perfect blend of business and information to the general public.

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics

Advertising on a vehicle is one of the most effective advertising techniques there is. government statistics officially state that up to 3000 people a day see your vehicle. With up to 3000 people seeing your vehicle every day, imagine how much business would be created by future customers being enticed by an eye-catching, colourful advertisement that could possibly be a service, procedure or deal that they’re interested by. With vehicle graphics starting at £50, this advertising technique is probably one of the most cost effective out there with the most effective results.

The longer a vehicle is used, the more signs of wear become evident. By having a vehicle wrapped, you automatically protect your paintwork as we use protective over-laminate with all our vehicle so If you want to enhance your brand, company or name whilst protecting your cars paintwork then wrapping your vehicle might be the correct advertising technique for you.

Usually, the best way method of converting your vehicle into a portable advertisement is through wrapping. Where spray-painting may look, good and can tempt customers if carried out correctly, vehicle wrapping is the best. Vehicle wrapping can be removed in a matter of hours, whereas spray paint can be costly and time consuming to be returned back to the original. If information needs to be changed or removed, which is common in vehicle design, time and cost is involved with spray paint whilst wrapping is free of charge and time effective.


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